Director Bobby Bala made remarkable sacrifices to make this science fiction short a reality. The story itself is one of sacrifice as well, following Kaiden Katar (Aleks Paunovic), a single father drifting through the cosmos with his daughter, Zohra Katar (Ishana Bala). After the death of his wife sometime earlier, Kaiden has been raising his daughter all on his own, in the harsh environment of outer space. Faced with ever-dwindling resources and mechanical malfunctions on their spaceship, Kaiden is forced into making a decision that will challenge the love of his daughter and his own core moral values.

It is incredibly important to note the production budget of $1 million and the obstacles that Bobby Bala had to overcome in order to even have this film see the light of day. After four years of tireless work coordinating all of the moving parts that go into making a film and even selling his own house for financial support of the project, Bala finally developed his true vision for the enterprise.


That $1 million was extremely well spent. It is incredible really how visually stunning The Shipment is. The spaceships look futuristic, cool, and stylish, the characters look like something out of a new Star Wars movie, and the world looks fantastic. The film got some fantastic VFX, cinematography, and music. It lacks somewhat in acting, but director Bobby Bala should be applauded for this gutsy endeavor.


The Shipment (2019)




VFX / $




We like:

  • the fantastic VFX, cinematography, and music