In a primitive society, Bryana, a pregnant hunter, loses her husband to pestilence. Exiled from her home, she hunts their god to demand help.

“Deus Otiosus (The Idle God)” by Mat Braddy

Written and Directed by Mat Braddy
Producer – Louis Savy
Co-producer – Marta Calderón
Editor – Colin Goudie, BFE
Director of Photography – Lorenzo Levrini
Production Designer – Daniel Vincent
Costume Designer – Jasmin Ada Knox
Visual Effects – George Kirby
Sound Design – Fionn Lucas
Composer – Ross Euan Davidson
First Assistant Director – Harry Kirby
Second Assistant Director – Martin Tunnicliffe-Squirell

Bryana – Sèverine Howell-Meri
Priestess LILA – Margareta Szabo
Deus – Christopher fairbank
Peasant – Martin Tunnicliffe-Squirrell
Raven – Mordred