Russian motion CG artist Vladislav Solovjov (CG Generalist at Ruroc Ltd) shares his long-waited project “Researcher: Prologue”, here is what he says about the film:


“It’s the first part of my sci-fi short film I’ve been working on since 2015. For more than 4 years I created different ideas and concepts until I found the best technical way to bring my story to life. The most difficult part of this project was the animation. It’s the first time ever when I was animating a character. I’m glad I had this amazing experience. And I’ll try to improve what I’ve done in the next part of this short film. This full CG project is split into three logical parts and I will be releasing each of them separately.”

Direction, Design, CGI, Sound Editing: Vladislav Solovjov
Modelling: Evgeny Park (Klickstop), Vladislav Solovjov