The Battle of Five Armies was a battle waged between the Orcs and the Wargs of the Misty Mountains and the Grey Mountains against the Men of Dale, Elves, Dwarves, on and near the Lonely Mountain.

” … in all the mountains there was a forging and an arming. Then they marched … until around and beneath the great mountain Gundabad of the North, where was their capital, a vast host was assembled ready to sweep down in time of storm unawares upon the South.”

—The Hobbit, “The Clouds Burst”


Thorin and Company were then trapped in a bloodless siege, with Thranduil and Bard hoping to wait them out. However, Thorin had sent messages of his plight to his relatives using talking messenger Ravens that lived on the Lonely Mountain. These reached Dáin II Ironfoot of the nearby Iron Hills, and he marched to the Lonely Mountain with 500 heavily armed Dwarves, most skilled veterans of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs.

When Dáin’s forces arrived, a battle was almost joined between the two sides (now three armies were on the field) but at the last moment, Gandalf intervened between the two and revealed that while they were bickering amongst themselves, the Goblins of the Misty Mountains and Grey Mountains under Bolg were using the opportunity to march against them. The three commanders agreed that the Orcs, Wargs, and Bats were the enemies of all, and previous grievances between them were put on hold in face of the greater threat.

The movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) was directed by Peter Jackson and written by Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, and Guillermo del Toro. Based on the novel The Hobbit by J. R. R, the movie is the 3rd in a trilogy following An Unexpected Journey (2012) and The Desolation of Smaug (2013), and together, they act as a prequel to Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

It stars Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Evangeline Lilly, Luke Evans, Lee Pace, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ken Stott, Aidan Turner, Dean O’Gorman, Billy Connolly, Graham McTavish, James Nesbitt, Stephen Fry and Ryan Gage. The ensemble cast also features Cate Blanchett, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Hugo Weaving, and Orlando Bloom.

We see an emerging conflict between the Dwarves, Men, and Elves but was quickly averted when Were Worms burst forth from the earth and the fighting stopped instantly in the face of the new enemy.

The film is essentially a 2 hour and 30 min action sequence with the best production values money can buy. Forget having a narrative, let’s just throw as many action sequences together and loosely string them together with a premise that we’ll call a plot.

We all know now how much was stuffed into these films which weren’t supposed to be there, and it is obvious that it was done to ride on the coattails of the previous trilogy. It is clearly an attempt to cash in on the franchise by making this adaptation into a trilogy.


The Battle of Five Armies in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)




The Battle of Five Armies




We like:

  • That the CGI is great, the world building ever effective, the staging grand, and the characters always central.