‘Battle: Los Angeles’ was 2011’s apocalyptic installment, where the non-earthlings take on Los Angeles – the last oceanside city to fall.

Aliens are attacking and all we need to know is they mean us harm and they want our world’s natural resources.


The film opens promisingly with an alien assault in full swing on the city. We get to follow a team of marines that will be picked off one after another, quickly and indiscriminately. The marines go into a heavily alien-infested territory and extract some folks from a police station while a massive battle for Earth rages.

Battle: Los Angeles mixes “Independence Day” (aliens invade earth) with “Saving Private Ryan” (sending people in to get others out) and then packages it all up to look like a Marine recruiting video.

Relativity Media Original Film | Columbia Picture

The effects are pretty good, giving the aliens and their technology a distinctive look. The soundtrack was also a good addition, and the camera work really added to the intensity and the chaos. It is also nice to see Los Angeles get some action since New York normally has all the best monsters.

Relativity Media Original Film | Columbia Pictures

The aliens are a caste-based species who launched a surprise invasion on Earth, most likely motivated by a need for a new home or colony. It is theorized within the film Battle: Los Angeles that they are invading for Earth’s liquid water. During the initial invasion, they used an orbital insertion, mistaken for a cluster of meteors, to deploy their forces.

“At 04:46 Pacific Standard Time, twelve different locations across the globe were breached, in what appears to have been a coordinated attack by an unknown enemy. All breaches were along the coastline in what is a campaign of rapid dominance. This is a textbook military invasion. There are massive casualties in New York. Offensive lines are being set up in Boston, and at 13:15 Zulu Time, we lost communications with San Francisco and San Diego. Their status is unknown, but what we do know this: we are the last offensive force on the West Coast. We cannot lose Los Angeles.”

– Sergeant Major Glenn Devor in military news broadcast during the very beginning of the invasion.

Battle: Los Angeles was directed by Jonathan Liebesman, the storyline was conceived from a screenplay written by Chris Bertolini, based in part on a World War II incident dubbed the “Battle of Los Angeles”. The ensemble cast includes Michelle Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Ne-Yo, and Michael Peña.


The Battle in Battle: Los Angeles (2011)




The Battle in Battle: Los Angeles




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