Gustavo “Gus” Mendonca has contributed to the world of Star Wars for nearly a decade working on a wide variety of projects. The collection below offers a glimpse at some of that work, ranging from environment designs, key moment concepts to ideation sketches, character designs, vehicles, and hardware design.

Gus was hired to work on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order early in 2016 before a full game team was assembled. He was hired to help Respawn conceptualize what a new and original Star Wars game could look like. Gus focused heavily on quick visualization and prototyping, striving to generate many ideas with strong potential for development. Two of his earliest ideas proposed during the first meeting with Respawn were the concept of a Pet Droid companion and a Shipbreaker hero working at a remote location in the outer rims of the galaxy. Gus produced hundreds of concepts while working on Jedi Fallen Order and most of those images remain under wraps, however, we can now pull back the curtain on a few images that show the visual genesis of Jedi Fallen Order.

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All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Gustavo Mendonca or their respective copyright holder.