Joseph Kim is a freelance Concept Artist/Designer and Illustrator currently based in Vancouver, Canada. With various professional working experiences from game concept art to animation concept design. He is an instructor at NCG Academy teaching environment, prop, and character design in the concept art stream. Joseph has previously worked as a Senior Concept Artist for NEOPLE (Seoul, Korea) working on projects such as Ghost in the Shell, Metro Conflict.

Back to the Tesla

Live-action Gundam Film

SSTO Bomber

Blade Runner 2049 fan art

X-wing version 2

Doc. Oct.

Space Miner

Canadian warrior

Darth Vader kid

Battle in the factory

Hong kong in the future

King Tiger VS Mouse

Mononoke Hime forest god

Zaku II

Bright & Dark side of Bishop

Mother Ship

Airship (Steampunk Style Design)

Mothership Landing

Foot type robot

SSTO plane

Object 263

Steam boy

Middle of dungeon

Port in the dark


All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Joseph Kim or their respective copyright holder.