Gilles Ketting is a concept artist and illustrator originally from the Netherlands working in the Game and Film Industry since 2005. Gilles has worked on game titles such as Total War Battles: KingdomAssassin’s Creed RevelationsSaints Row and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

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Inspired by one of my favorite anime films from the ’90s. I did this in Medium VR, Octane SA, and a bit of Photoshop.

Death Spirit

Fight Milk – I drink it every morning, so I can fight like a crow.

Orion3 – Grin

When a plan comes together…

ORION3 – Kaszas Labs

Every story has to have it’s starting point and location, here it is: Kaszas Labs. What they hide behind an exterior of communications research is something between a scientific force of nature and the occult nightmares of cosmic chaos theory.
Both images are started in 3DsMax, rendered with Redshift, and finished in Photoshop. I hope you like and I more than happy to answer questions about the workflow.

Helios – Waves

A few of the many sketches I’ve done for an old personal project of mine called Helios. These are a few of the different factions that form mercenary crews called “Waves”.

Orion3 – Part IV

“The place looks like a graveyard for all kinds of antennas, power poles and masts. However, there’s a form of power still active here. Some force that draws you in while also turning your stomach with an intense primal fear”

This image is a combination of ideas that came from the sketches below. There’s the color scheme from “Sketch 1”, the setting of “Sketch 2” and the dogs of “Sketch 3”. There are a number of stories that I wanted to try and tell in a single image through obvious and less obvious metaphors.

The process for this image is similar to the others in the Orion3 series. The basis is a 3D scene build with custom and sourced assets in 3DsMax. Rendered with Redshift and then taken into photoshop.

Orion3 – Part III

A hunting party looking for you in the one place you might find your much-needed supplies to make your escape…

Further exploration of using 3D as a base for my concept art. The flexibility and super fast render times in Redshift allow me to adjust on the fly and try out various camera angles and lighting setups. In the end, I went for what you see here but I also played with a day-time light setup for a while. It was my first time using Redshift’s displacement maps and after a bit of tweaking found it incredibly powerful and easy to use. I even rendered a quick animation (it’s quite low res) for fun.

ORION3 – Part II

Both pieces are done for a new project called Orion3. It’s about a person that is being hunted by a group of people that have some ominous plans. I don’t want to spoil too much of the story, I hope the images will tell most of it.

This project was an attempt for me to dive deeper into using a mix of photogrammetry, bought assets, VR modeling, color grading, and Unbiased rendering in RedShift and Fstormrender. My main tools were 3DsMax and Photoshop. I really love this approach and it allows me to generate high-res images in a short amount of time.

ORION3 – Part I

The Barnicle arriving at Cassiopeia V

First “proper” image from my adventure into a VR (GravitySketch), Octane (standalone), and Photoshop pipeline. I’ve tried (and managed) to do everything in one day but I have so much more to learn.

Heavily inspired by a bunch of epic sci-fi artists like Sparth, Chadeisson, and Foss. A massive shout out to Jama Jurabaev, Julien Gauthier, and a number of others (you know who you are) for leading the way and helping with this approach.

“Street Spirit”

Cyberpunk inspired dude

Lunchtime Sketches

Sketch Collection May/June

Bryn Y Lleuad

Trenches Gas Attack

A three-hour sketch of a WW1 trench being gassed. Mainly used Greg Rutkowski’s brushes and the Zorn palette (until the color correction of course).

Firestarter Magazine #3 Cover

I’m really happy and humbled to have been asked to create the cover for the 3rd edition of the Firestarter Magazine.

Leaving The Reception

Spiritual Guidance

It started as an exercise in getting familiar with some painterly brushes, it ended with a little story.

IW Demo Day – 2 Hours

This is the result of a two-hour demo at the Industry Workshops Demo Day last weekend in London. I did this from scratch in front of a live audience. It was an awesome experience and great to meet everyone!

Ahiga encounters the banished

The Shadows of the Fremen

First in a series of sketches based on Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Aeifor The Varangian

Another attempt to work more painterly and use a more intense color pallet.

Portrait of my mother

This is a “quick” portrait studio of my mum. I wanted to get closer to replicating traditional painting techniques in photoshop.

Sister Lucinda’s Explanation of the Universe

Among the Living

Some speed paints based on the idea of robots living among humans.

The Oracle

This was both fun and frustrating to do. It’s an attempt to combine two things I’m really interested in; the techniques of the impressionist painters like Sargent and the possibilities of 3D for illustration.

A visit to the southern ruins

River Wild Freemen

These are crops of a larger painting but I need to fix a lot to it before I’m ready to share it. The concept behind the painting is a group of Native Americans teaming up with runaway slaves to fight a guerilla war against the big land and slave owners.

Count Cockatoo

Afternoon brush and painting practice from scratch.

Abettors Of The Beast

Short film project.

Alcahir Hanger

I messed around a bit painting on top of an old render while waiting for feedback from a client. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to be done with it but… you know the whole thing about “it’s never finished, just abandoned” jadajada… C&C always welcome!

Ashen Falls – The Burning House

Helios – Sirrya

Keep Calm


Furiosa sketch

Ashen Falls – Firewood

This an image for my horror game Ashen Falls.

Ashen Falls – Lost Temple

Ashen Falls – Ruins

Ashen Falls – The Piano Room

Ashen Falls – The Wailing Woods

Ashen Falls – Multi-house

Ashen Falls – The Forest

Total War: Arena – Early Environment Concepts

Night Watch – Bolton Better Run

I was imagining Jon Snow retaking Winterfell with a little help from a friendly giant. Done for the Super Speedpainting Funtimes over on Facebook.

Second of the Lost Souls

Another “sketch” inspired by Dark Souls, I should stop playing it so much.

One of the Lost Souls

N0de W0rld – Aeontology Vigilante

Done for the N0de W0rld project on Facebook. This is an Aeontology Vigilante, they believe that “clones” have no part in society. Even though the killing of “clones” is outlawed, these vigilantes patrol the streets to rid the world of them. Their head sensor is able to pick up the magnetic-field generated a “clone” a block away.

Swamp Walkers

Empire: The Warchief

Fire Temple


Done as a series of poster re-designs in honor of my favorite samurai movies.


Throne of Blood

Sansho Dayu


All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Gilles Ketting or their respective copyright holder.