In Blade II from 2002, we get to know a new super-strain version of vampires, the so-called Reapers. Led by Jared Nomak (Luke Goss), the reapers are a threat to everyone and everything living – and undead – including vampires.

While Blade (Wesley Snipes) is more used to killing off vampires, he has to reluctantly team up with his prey to take down the far more volatile Reapers, who threaten to take down both humanity and the vampire nation if they’re not stopped.

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The reapers have a ‘three-way’ jaw, in which the two sides of the lower jaw split apart at the chin. The left and right sides of the lower jaw have fangs that inject a neurotoxin to paralyze their victims while feeding. This jaw is easily concealed, allowing the Reaper to surprise the victim. Their mouth also contains a toothed, inner proboscis: this does the actual bloodsucking when the Reaper’s three-way jaw splits apart and is what transmits the Reaper strain into the victim. In addition, a Reaper’s mouth has overdeveloped masseter muscles which allow for a much stronger bite. Source: Blade Fandom Wki.

The reapers are hard to kill, vicious and bloodthirsty monsters. They are visually grotesque monsters with half their face opening when consuming their prey, revealing hoards of twisted spiky teeth.

Reapers were a deadlier breed of vampires. Eli Damaskinos, an ancient vampire elder, created this breed in a quest to eliminate the weaknesses of the vampire race via genetic sequencing of his own pureblood DNA. Carriers of the Reaper strain were known as “Reapers”.

With the exception of the first Reaper, Jared Nomak, Reapers were incapable of human speech, communicating through snarls and growls, though they retained enough intelligence to follow Nomak’s orders, attack in an organized way, feign private and civilized behavior in public when not attacking, and set traps for their enemies and prey.

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With even vampires scared of them, the reapers are a great villain and make Del Toro’s take on Marvel’s vampire hunter that little bit ickier than its prequel and sequel.

Blade II was directed by Guillermo Del Toro and written by David S. Goyer, starring Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson.


The Reapers in Blade II (2002)




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