The most common standpoint on the Pirates of the Caribbean series seems to be the belief that the first movie is the only good one, and that they deteriorate from thereon. This might be true, but the 2nd movie is close behind. Depp is at the top of his game. Bill Nighy’s Davy Jones is a menacing and worthy villain, partly in thanks to the unbelievably good special effects. The special effects are great all around, especially those surrounding the Kraken.

The Kraken was a legendary sea monster, a leviathan sent to prey on unwary ships and mariners. A fearsome creature with tentacles, closely resembling a giant squid, the Kraken was said to be the length of 10 ships. This terrible beast would be a subject of many legends and lore that circulated for centuries on the Seven Seas.


“Well, if you believe such things, there’s a beast does the bidding of Davy Jones. A fearsome creature with giant tentacles that’ll suction your face clean off, and drag an entire ship down to the crushing darkness. The Kraken. They say the stench of its breath is…(shudders) Imagine, the last thing you know on God’s green earth is the roar of the Kraken and the reeking odor of a thousand rotting corpses. If you believe such things.”

― Joshamee Gibbs to Will Turner

The huge suckers on the Kraken’s tentacles were strong enough to pull the flesh clean away from a sailor’s face. Under Davy Jones’ command, the Kraken brought Jones ever more souls to join his crew aboard the Flying Dutchman, dying sailors forever impressed into servitude on his cursed ship.

The Black Spot was a mark given to an individual who owed their servitude to Davy Jones. Those marked with the Black Spot would be hunted across the Seven Seas by the Kraken as an order laid by Davy Jones to his obedient pet. If you are given the black spot, it means that the Kraken will come straight for you.

“Any idea when Jones might release said terrible beastie?” “I already told you, Jack. Your time is up. It comes now, drawn with ravenous hunger to the man what bears…the Black Spot.” ―Jack Sparrow and Bootstrap Bill Turner

The Capstan Hammer was a massive mechanism that was cranked by the crew aboard the Flying Dutchman to create a massive shockwave across the sea to awaken the Kraken and center its pursuit on a nearby ship.


The Kraken in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)




The Kraken




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