“Delta-V” was the transitional episode for The Expanse season 3, moving onto the next stage of its story after “Immolation” brought everything to a conclusion with the war between Earth and Mars.

‘The ring’ is complete, a wormhole part of an ancient, alien-made and still- functioning, a network of wormholes leading to many star systems with habitable planets. Created by an ancient pathogen called the ‘protomolecule’, sent towards Earth by an ancient civilization.


“Today, I make history. Me Manéo. “

The quest of a young belter pilot named ‘Manéo Jung-Espinoza’ (Zach Villa) is to impress his girlfriend, to chase fame and notoriety. He is continually raising the bar in performing ever more dangerous stunts, to break new records.

In “Delta-V”, Manéo, with his self-made racing ship, the Y Que, just set a new slingshot record on the Jupiter-6 Run, a slingshot race around 6 orbital bodies of Jupiter, and is now heading for the -then- still inactive gate. As he flies into the ring construction, the defenses of the slow zone are triggered and as he was traveling at interplanetary velocities he is subject to massive deceleration forces in excess of 100 gravities and therefore liquefied almost instantly.

Manéo is to become the first human to fly through the ring. He will succeed. But he also gets to experience Newton’s first law of motion firsthand by extreme decelerating.


The Expanse (2015)


Television Series






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