Concept designer and visual effects artist Andrew Leung was kind enough to share some of the concept art and designs he created for Netflix’s military science fiction film, Spectral.

Lasts year’s cool science-fiction action-adventure flick ‘Spectral’ was a small-screen feature with a big-screen feel. The film has beautiful cinematography with large, detailed sets, cool costumes, tech, and some nice CGI.


The geopolitical forecast of a resurgent Russia in Eastern Europe leading to an insurgency is probably the least fictional aspect of the film. Somewhat akin to Aliens, it’s a genre we seldom see, military science fiction, filled with a lot of cool tech and special operations soldiers battle tactics in a setting that turns into a type of sci-fi ghostbusters.

A personal favorite of the film is its curious rhapsodizing about science and contemplation about the moral implications of scientific discovery. With Bose-Einstein being a very real physical concept, it is exploited for ultra-sensitive real-life applications in probing magnetic fields, accelerations, and even gravitation. Its ability to magnify quantum mechanical phenomena, which govern the nanoscale up to macroscopic dimensions, entails some cool fringe-science on the edge of current scientific knowledge, which makes it perfect to be harnessed in the movie to allow for a grain of science behind the fantastical.

Andrew Leung worked on the concept art for the movie, which really captures the bleak dystopian settings we see in the movie. Andrew has also worked on movies such as Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Ironman 3, 47 Ronin, Avatar, and Sucker Punch.

Feast your eyes on some of the concept art Andrew created for Spectral in this exclusive look. And you can see more of Andrew’s work here and here.



All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Andrew Leung or their respective copyright holder.