The 2012’s consciously campy sci-fi action comedy ‘Iron Sky’ was a breath of fresh air and a cult genre film in every sense of the word.

It is a satire set in the not-too-distant future in which Nazis invade the earth from the moon, where they have been holed up since the end of World War II.


The movie was a Finnish-German-Australian co-production that started as a crowdfunding effort, raising more than $1 million via crowdfunding. It actually sold quite well internationally but was a weak box office performer.

The movie looked really good for such a slim budget ($10 million). Most certainly due to the efforts and talent of those involved in creating the Nazi spoof and the below concept art is proof of this.

Concept artist and illustrator Jussi Lehtiniemi joined the production in 2007 when he was hired to do concept art for the first teaser. He started working full-time on the film in 2008, working on creating many of the environments, vehicles, and constructions that appeared in the film.



All images, Jussi Lehtiniemi and © Blind Spot Pictures/Energia Productions.