Artist Neil Blevins was kind enough to share some of the concept artwork he has done over the years. Neil specializes in sci-fi/fantasy creatures, robots, ships, structures, and alien landscapes.

He mainly focuses on concept design, art direction, modeling, and Digimatte. He has worked for 16 years as a Digital Artist at Pixar in Emeryville California, and 3 years for Blur Studio in Venice California.


His list of projects includes several of Pixar’s animated flicks such as The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, Cars, Wall-E, Up, Brave, and The Good Dinosaur. His list of video games from his time at Blur Studio, includes Blood Rayne, Crimson Skies, Combat Flight Sim 3, Fellowship Of The Ring (WXP), and Ground Control Expansion Pack.

Feast your eyes on some of the fantastic concept art that Neil Blevins created, and you can see more of Neil’s work here and here.



All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Neil Blevins or their respective copyright holder.