Illustrator & concept artist Dave Melvin has made a name for himself with his unique artwork and quality designs. Concept art is all about design and you can see this in Dave’s work. He breaks up pieces on ArtStation into albums like fan art. But while some pieces follow a consistent theme you can always see unique patterns in his paintings.

In Dave’s own words:


“I’ve done my best to establish a niche for myself as an illustrator and concept artist that does not conform to standards, but instead breaks them and goes above and beyond what anyone else has done. Whether it’s revitalizing old themes or coming up with completely new ones, I always put everything I have into making the viewer reevaluate what something can be. I pride myself on tirelessly pursuing the perfect concept and creating every day.”

Link: Artstation



All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Dave Melvin or their respective copyright holder.