The Battle of Wakanda is grander in scale than the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie. The battle was a major confrontation between the Avengers and their Wakandan allies, in the fields of Wakanda outside the Golden City. The Avengers, commanded by Captain America and Black Panther, managed to stand their ground against the Outrider onslaught all to protect the Mind Stone, which was placed in the facility on Mount Bashenga.

“You guys are so screwed now!”

– Banner

Most fans agree that Taika Waititi’s film was the Asgardian Thor’s best showing – that is, until Avengers: Infinity War. Thor: Ragnarok redefined the god of thunder by stripping away his support system, and plunging him into an unfamiliar world. In one fell swoop, Chris Hemsworth’s character lost his father, his enchanted weapon, his hair, an eye, his home, and yet Ragnarok also showed a Thor that lives up to his epithet – the god of thunder.

Every character gets time to shine in Avengers: Infinity War, from Black Panther to Spider-Man, and from Scarlet Witch to Doctor Strange. But no hero comes close to the god of thunder. With a new eye, courtesy of Rocket Raccoon’s never-ending need to part others from their artificial prosthetics, a new battle-ax that can summon lightning and the Bifrost itself, and new allies, Thor makes an epic entrance on the battlefield of Wakanda.

There, he proves to be the powerhouse he was always meant to be, as mows down the Black Order’s army of Outriders with ease. Where the other Avengers struggled, Thor arrives as the lonesome cavalry, the change in the tide.

“You should have gone for the head.”

– Thanos




Thor Arrives at the Battle of Wakanda in Avengers Infinity War (2018)




Thor Arrives at the Battle of Wakanda




We like:

  • An epic, action-packed adventure
  • Gargantuan scope and ambition.
  • With so many characters in one film, it is hard to believe they pulled it off.