The battles in Battlestar Galactica are pure action extravaganza with pulsating rock-solid music.

This is the first battle against the Cylons when Galactica displaces itself in space in order to dodge a barrage of missiles, showing us the importance of point defense in space.

The Galactica Class Battlestar was the first class of Battlestar ever to be constructed by the Twelve Colonies. Twelve were initially constructed for the First Cylon War, each representing one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Several were destroyed during the war; the rest were being retired from active service slowly at the time of the Fall, presumably either to be scrapped or converted into museums. Few are seen in defense of the Twelve Colonies.

The Battlestar Galactica was one of the first Battlestar ever made. Rushed into service during the First Cylon War, she went on to serve with distinction, participating in numerous battles throughout the war right up to the final one.

At the time of the Fall of the Colonies, the ship was in the final stages of decommissioning and conversion into a museum ship. Due to Commander William Adama, its CO, insisting that its systems remain de-networked, the ship had never had its systems networked nor ever loaded the offending CNP software with its hidden backdoor into primary memory.

Thus, it was able to avoid Cylon infiltration, re-arming at the Ragnar Anchorage and fleeing the Colonies with a fleet of civilian ships which led to a four-year journey to seek out the ancient colony of Earth.

Onboard Battlestar Galactica was The Viper Mark II, the second iteration of the venerable Viper space superiority fighter. It served as the Colonial Fleet’s primary space superiority fighter/attack craft during the First Cylon War, participating in engagements throughout the war right up to the very final battle.

A squadron remained on the Battlestar Galactica for display purposes for its intended conversion into a museum; during the Fall, they were re-activated and defended the Galactica and its fleet during its four-year journey to Earth.


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