John Park is a concept artist working in the film and video game industry and co-founder of Brainstorm School. He attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where he majored in product design.

His list of projects includes the movies Lone Ranger, Transformers 4, Maze Runner, Godzilla, Paranormal Activities, Spider-man 2, Hieroglyph, War of the Planet of the Apes, Dumbo, Star Wars – Rogue One, Battle Angle, Ad Astra, Deadpool, Wonder-Woman 2, Jungle Cruise, Avatar Sequels (2,3,4,5), Star Wars (unannounced). The list of games includes working at Naughty Dog for Uncharted 4, at Square-Enix, at Adhesive Games for HAWKEN, at Sony Games and at 343 for Halo Cinematics.

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Recent Studies/sketches

Mandalorian Concept Art

Personal Sketch: Beach

Study to concept – Vol 2

Personal sketches

Sketch Study

Sketches and Studies

Clouds + GT40

Lunch Session = Hovercrafts

More Daily Sketches

APC lunch sketches

Cactus – Maxfield Parrish inspired

Lunch Sessions – Syd Mead color palettes

More Dumbo art

Dumbo concept art – Part 2

Dumbo Concept Art


Sub sketch!


Battle Angel Alita concepts

More personal sketches/paints



City Street Study


Boat Study

Personal Piece

Odd Worlds 01

Soyuz Rocket Study

Lizard Riders


Tales from Earthsea inspired image

Girl and Dragon


Napoleonic War

Landscape sketch studies

Monkey Warriorzzz – 03


Rocket City

Assassin series!

Doom Concept art

Boat sketch

Simon Stalenhag Inspired tutorial

Study – Board walk empire

Shallow water

War of the Planet of the Apes



Monkey Warrios 02

The waiting game

Horseman 02

Monkey Warrior – series 01

Market Place!



Forgotten War

Maschinen Krieger tribute!

Market Place



Lunch Sketch – inspired by ww2 photography

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